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The following is the summary of the general process related to player assignments to Canton Little League (CLL) age 9 to 12 summer teams.


All players wishing to play on a Canton Little League (CLL) summer travel team are required to register on-line.  Depending on the number of applicants in each age group and volunteers willing to coach the teams, Canton Little League summer travel teams will play in both the Suburban Youth Baseball League and the South River League.  


Each age group (9, 10, 11 and 12) will have a level “A” and level “B” team in the Suburban League.  A and B team rosters are to consist of twelve players. The South River League will include a 10U and a 12U team based on the number of applicants.


It is understood that other family events occur during the during the summer months (vacation, camp, commitments to other sports), however, to be fair to those players who make a commitment to play Summer Baseball, Canton Little League is requiring that for consideration to play for Suburban Youth Baseball League teams, the player and parents must make a commitment that they will not miss more than 2 regular season games and make every effort to attend all playoff games during the season.  Please keep in mind that this policy is designed to allow for those unavoidable circumstances, but since this is a tryout/selection team the overall commitment objective should still be 100% attendance at all games & practices. 


Summer Baseball Guide Lines


The level “A” and “B” teams playing in the Suburban League are competitive oriented teams.  As such there is no guarantee on playing time.   The top players will play more. 


The 10U and 12U teams playing in the South River League will be competitive oriented but the coaches will provide reasonable (not equitable) playing time for each child.


A natural instinct for all parents is to want their child to play and succeed.  The coaches will be making decisions on playing time and positions based on what is best for the team.  Parents are asked to respect the decision of the coaches.


All players need to commit to attending all summer league games and practices.   Where conflicts exist parents are expected to provide the coaches ample advance notice.




A tryout session will be held in May.  The tryouts will consist of typical baseball drills (hitting, throwing and fielding).  The evaluations will be made by individuals who do not have a child in the applicable age bracket.  Canton Little League will use evaluators who are fair, impartial and have a reasonable knowledge of baseball skills. 


Every attempt should be made to attend the summer tryouts at the appropriate time.  Parents are required to provide advance notice of an absence.   Players who cannot attend their scheduled tryouts will be asked to come to an evaluation with a different age group so that an assessment can be made of the player’s skill level.  If a candidate does not attend the tryouts then they will be placed on a team using the best judgment of the Summer League Selection Committee.  


For the tryouts, players are to report to the back of the Kennedy School 30 minutes before their schedule start time.  This is required to sign-in, get their squad assignment and to warm-up.  All players should come prepared with their own gloves, bats and bring at least one bottle of water to carry with them.


During the tryouts parents are asked to quietly stay up in the parking lot and avoid contact with your child.  The evaluation process is stressful and the kids do not do any better with added pressure by their parents.   


Selection Process


A four (4) person impartial Selection Committee will be established for each age level.  Each Selection Committee will be comprised of the following members:


·         Summer Baseball Player Agent

·         Player League Agent

o   Minor League Agent will be a member of the 9 year old Selection Committee

o   Major League Agent will be a member of the 10, 11 and 12 year old Selection Committees

·         Manager of the Team (recommended by Summer Baseball Player Agent and approved by the CLL President and Vice President)

·         Manager/Coach involved in the age group of the team involved and does not have child on that team. 



The Summer Player Agent will chair a meeting attended by all members of the Selection Committee. All candidates for the summer teams will be considered for selection on one of the aforementioned teams based upon the following factors:


·         performance in the previous Summer Season (based upon written evaluations provided by the Summer Season Manager);

·         performance in the current Spring Season (based upon written evaluations provided by the Spring Season Manager);

·         skills demonstrated during tryouts (based upon written evaluations provided by the Summer Player Agent);

·         attitude and coachability of the player; and

·         ensuring each team has a appropriate balance of players, who can pitch, play the catcher position and hit.


Evaluation of pitchers and catchers will be based on a player’s performance in the current Canton Little League season, as well as performance in the previous summer season.  Evaluating a pitchers or catchers performance in actual game situations is the fairest process as compared to a throwing session during the tryout session. Additionally, not all candidates want to pitch or catch and an equitable grading system for non-pitchers/catchers verses pitchers/catchers is not achievable. 


The Selection Committee will first choose the members of the A team, then the B team.  Those who do not make either the A or B team will be placed on the appropriate South River League team. 


The evaluation and team selection is a subjective process.  Canton Little League is committed to make the process as fair as reasonably possible.  Parents are asked to respect the final decision on team selections. 


The goal will be to announce the teams in early June.