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Canton Major Spring Baseball League

Playing Rules

The following rules are for the Canton Little League (CLL) baseball Major Age 10-12 Division. These were reviewed and agreed on by various members of the CLL board of directors. Our goal is to teach the rules of baseball that are used at this level in order to form a strong base that can be built upon in future play.   The focus is on developing baseball skills and knowledge of the game as well as providing a positive experience in being part of a team. 



The objective of Canton Little League’s Major League is to provide an opportunity for all players of major league age, regardless of ability, to play “Little League” baseball as defined in the official regulations and playing rules of Little League Baseball. 


1.1 Number of Teams



There shall be six (6) teams in the major league. 


1.2 Players Age/Team Makeup


All major league teams shall have a roster of twelve (12) players. Canton Little League policy is that all registered players who are of league age twelve (12), shall play in the majors with the following exceptions:



·         A player and his/her parents elect to stay in the minors and the request has been approved under Little League International rules.

·       No major league team shall have more than eight (8) league age twelve (12) year-olds on a roster in accordance with the regulations and playing rules of Little League International. The remainder of the roster shall consist of league age eleven (11) year-olds and no more than two (2) league age ten (10) year olds. 


Once drafted to a team, a player shall remain on that team until the player moves up to the Junior League.


1.3 Player Draft


1.3.1 Team Rosters


A draft shall be conducted each year to fill open roster spots on Major League teams. Team draft position shall be determined as follows: The final regular season standings will be the starting point of draft placement, with worst team picking in 1st slot the next season. **However, the Major League Player Agent may make up to a 20% adjustment to the grid (2 columns in either direction based on 10 teams), depending on the strength of players returning to the teams from the previous season (ex: team with 2nd column of picks could be moved to 4th, while 9th column could be moved up to as low as 7th). **The Major League Player Agent may also mandate “out of sequence picks” of any level of adjustment within a round, with the sole purpose of creating league parity. A team’s playoff performance may be a factor used by the Player Agent in determining adjustments to the draft order. (Ex: pick 31 can be switched with 39, if PA feels appropriate for league balance). These picks will be defined to all Managers prior to beginning the draft.


1.3.2 Manager Drafting Son/Daughter


All Managers shall draft their own son/daughter based on the following criteria:



  • First Round -  Player is league age eleven (11) or twelve (12) and played on an “A” level summer baseball team or is at the equivalent talent of a summer “A” player
  • Second Round -  Player is league age ten (10) and played on an “A” level summer baseball team. Player Agent may adjust up or down if warranted.
  • Third Round - Player is league age eleven (11) or twelve (12) and did not meet the criteria above.
  • Fourth Round - Player is league age ten (10) and did not meet the criteria above.

The Major League Player Agent can adjust the draft rounds with the sole purpose of creating league parity or where he feels the slotted round is not appropriate.


1.3.3 Brother/Sister Rule Drafting Brothers/Sisters of Returning Players



All Managers shall draft brothers and sisters of players returning to their roster based on the same criteria outlined in section 1.3.2 Manager Drafting Son/Daughter. 


The Major League Player Agent can adjust the draft rounds with the sole purpose of creating league parity or where he feels the slotted round is not appropriate. Drafting Brothers/Sisters for the First Time


When there are two or more family members eligible for the draft, Managers shall take them in consecutive rounds. Managers shall declare their intent prior to the draft that if they take one family member, they intend to take all family members, or all the remaining family members are eligible to be drafted by another Manager. All efforts should be made to insure family members play on the same team.


Under no circumstance shall League eligibility guarantee that a Brother or Sister will be drafted to a Major League Team unless they are League age twelve (12) years old. 


1.4 Season


Each team shall play a regular season schedule and participate in a double elimination tournament at the conclusion of the regular season. The number of regular season games shall be determined at the start of each season, but shall be at least twelve (12) games in accordance with the regulations and playing rules of Little League International. Playoff tournament pairings shall be determined by the Major League Player Agent either based on regular season standings, by lottery, or combination of standings and lottery (This will be discussed during Managers’ meeting and set prior to regular season) 


1.5 Pool Players


In the event a manager has knowledge that he will not have enough players to field a team, the use of a pool player will be allowed. The following conditions must be implemented when it comes to the selection of a pool player:


  1. Any player from another Canton Major League team will be allowed to be used as a Pool Player, provided that player does not have a scheduled game that time period for his regular team. Permission of manager is required before pool player is used
  2. Under any circumstances shall Pool Player be allowed to pitch or catch.
  3. Two Pool Players per team per game will be allowed. Should a manager have knowledge of only 7 players showing up at a game, he must instead reschedule the game).
  4. The Manager who chooses a Pool Player must notify the Player Agent within 24 hours after the completion of the game.  

Should a manager have knowledge of only 9 players available for a game, he does have the option of adding a Pool Player if so desired.


1.6 Replacement Players


All Major League Teams must carry a full roster of 12 players. In the event that a player: a) does not return as a registered player b) quits during the season, or c) gets injured, a replacement player must be chosen from the waiting list and then the Minor Leagues. Certain criteria must be followed when choosing a replacement player.


  1. No League Age 9 year old player will be allowed to be used as a replacement player.  
  2. Only League Age 10 year olds who have made himself (or herself) “draft eligible” by the parents at the time of registration can be considered as a replacement player. 
  3. All League Age 11 year olds are eligible to be considered as a replacement playerunless they requested to be in the Minor League at the time of registration.



The Major League in Canton shall play games in accordance with the regulations and playing rules of Little League International as highlighted and amended below.


2.1  Playing Time


All rostered players shall play a minimum of three (3) full innings in the field.  All players in attendance must hit in a continous batting order.


2.2 Pitching Rules/Pitch Count


The number of pitches allowable under this regulation is based on the pitcher’s age. Specific rest periods are in place when a pitcher reaches a higher threshold of pitches delivered in a day.

In accordance with the Little League International rules, the table below provides the number of pitches that will be allowed per day for each age group during the regular season. 


Pitching Restrictions
Age Maximum Pitches Allowed Per Day
10 years old 75
11 and 12 years old 85


If a pitcher reaches the pitch-count limit for their age while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to throw until the batter reaches bas, is thrown out, or the third out is made to complete the half-inning.


Pitchers league age 14 and under must adhere to the following rest requirements: 

Pitchers Days Rest
Pitches Thrown Calendar Days Rest
1-20 pitches Zero (0) days rest
21-35 pitches One (1) day rest
36-50 pitches Two (2) days rest
51-65 pitches  Three (3) days rest
66 or more pitches Four (4) days rest


A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day.  There is also a restriction regarding moving from catcher to pitcher. The restriction is that if a catcher catches 4 innings in a game, then he or she is ineligible to pitch for the entire day.

The Manager is responsible for knowing the pitch count of his players. It is not the responsibility of the Scorer/Umpire to notify the Manager as the pitch count limit is approaching or has been exceeded. 

A pitcher shall be removed from the mound after hitting three batters in a game.


2.3 Base Coaches


 Managers and Coaches may coach first and third base provided a third coach is with the players in the dugout/ bench.


2.4 On Deck Batter


In accordance with the regulations and playing rules of Little League International, no on deck batters are allowed.




An All-Star game shall be played every year, All-Stars should be voted by players and can vote for any members of their respective team only (not including themselves).  The final decision should be left to the coach giving preference to 12 year olds.